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EP Reviews!

We've been totally blown away by the response to our EP! Massive thank you to everyone who has bought it, streamed it, reviewed it and helped us share our music with more people!

Here are some of the amazing folks who have reviewed Vs. Gargantuan so far:


Hazy clean vocal tones delivered over a backdrop of raucous riffs and thunderous rhythms that come at you hard fast and fuzzy are Superlord’s stock in trade and it looks like business at the moment is booming for this British three-piece. Included in some important end of year list, despite only being released in December, is one reason to check out the bands debut EP “Vs. Gargantuan”, the other reason is…. we said you should

- https://doomcharts.com/2020/12/29/doom-charts-december-2020/


Each song is delivered with an unbelievable level of musicianship, crunching powerchords, swirling solos, growling bass lines and thunderous percussion, and each song is decorated in clean, melodic and powerful vocals that sit perfectly in that Goldilocks zone midway in the mix.

Heavy, yet not to the point of being brutal, and with a groove that gets under your skin and stays there "Vs. Gargantuan" is a superb debut EP from a band who if they continue on the path they are now following will win many new friends both here in the UK and further afield.

- http://stonerking1.blogspot.com/2020/12/superlord-vs-gargantuan-review.html


The EP offers 4 songs stretching across almost the whole Doom/Stoner Metal spectrum with hazy Psychedelic sounds with delicious amounts of HEAVY FUZZ which gives Superlord a more threatening sound.

The band take their musical cues and inspirations from bands such as Black Sabbath, SLEEP, Monster Magnet and early-era The Sword though playing on their own uncompromising terms. The Spaced Out Elements gives the EP an almost Fantastical Feel especially with the lyrics and the superb vocals make this a winning record from start to finish.

- https://outlawsofthesun.blogspot.com/2020/12/superlord-vs-gargantuan-ep-review.html


TLDR; Hell yea!

"Vs. Gargantuan" by SUPERLORD rips. Simple as that. 4 tracks that spend most of 30 minutes laying down a metal assault that is both super fresh but also reminiscent of the best of 70s and 80s metal.

Fuzzy's Favorite: "Desert Ruins" which is easily one of the best songs from last year that I've heard. But the whole EP is just as solid and just as good, and the extended length of "Alice Olive" definitely gives it some bonus points, while the vocals on the title track are flat-out heroic (musically and lyrically).

- https://www.fuzzycracklins.com/2021/01/superlord.html